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Computer Love: Internet Swoons Over Viral #ForeverDuncan Wedding

#ForeverDuncan, a digital documentation of a modern day love story, revealed a proposal and surprise wedding -- all in the same day.
Andre and Sherrell Duncan.
Andre and Sherrell Duncan.Mental Mayhem Photography

Love is in the air and it is trending.

#ForeverDuncan made its way to our social media timelines this weekend as the digital documentation of a modern day love story revealed a proposal and surprise wedding -- all in the same day.

Alfred Duncan – a Grammy and Emmy nominated vocalist began his master plan by posting a video on instagram asking his girlfriend, "Do you love me?" and "Do you trust me?," before he challenged her to a 'day of servitude' where she had to do everything he said.

Even though hesitant to the surprise, Duncan's girlfriend, Sherrell Woodward, a certified personal trainer said yes to both questions.

With every moment being documented by Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, around noon, Woodward would be led by her daughter to a back room filled with family. What she assumed was a date turned into a proposal.

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"Can I take this moment in front of everyone that we love, and ask you, will you please be my wife?" said Duncan.

Woodward, filled with tears of joy said yes.

But the surprises were nowhere near over.

Duncan sent his now-fiance to have a glam squad get her dolled up for the next step in forever.

Blindfolded, Woodward traveled to National Harbor, Maryland, not knowing that family and friends would be waiting for her.

As the blindfold came off, Woodward was struck by emotion realizing that she had just arrived at her wedding and she would soon be Mrs. Duncan.

Social media could not get enough of #ForeverDuncan.

As the wedding was being streamed, the following caption surfaced describing this extraordinary union,“When she woke up this morning, she had a boyfriend. By the end of breakfast, he was her Fiancé. Before she sleeps, she will say goodnight to her husband. All without knowing what today was going to bring. Trust Love.”

After a day of servitude and the establishment of a new website to highlight their union, the newlyweds posted their final dispatch of the day thanking family, friends and their viral fans.

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