Empire Episode 5 Recap: "Be True"

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Image: Jussie Smollett and music guest star Neo
Jussie Smollett and music guest star Neo in the ÒBe TrueÓ episode of EMPIRE that aired on Wednesday, Oct. 21 on FOX. Chuck Hodes / FOX

Andre looks toward the Lord for redemption, and Jamal receives both musical and relationship advice from Ne-Yo on this week's episode of Empire: “Be True”.

No Love On The Road

Lucious fulfils his promise to Jamal to push him to stardom, and it all began with conducting studio sessions with Ne-Yo. Jamal discusses touring his music and wants to bring his boyfriend Michael along. Lucious is against this idea, saying that Michael’s presence would be distracting. Ne-Yo highlighted the pros and cons, but advises Jamal to follow his heart, and to never take dating advice from Lucious Lyon!

The Rolling Stone Photographer seemed to agree with Lucious, and offered to assist Jamal by making advances on him! Needless to say his perspective on monogamy was “liberal” to say the least:

He made good on his advances, as Jamal caught him on the balcony with Michael. Who knows what this will do to their relationship going forward.

Image: Guest star Charles Malik Whitfield and Trai Byers
Guest star Charles Malik Whitfield and Trai Byers in the ÒBe TrueÓ episode of EMPIRE that aired on Wednesday, Oct. 21 on FOX.Matt Dinerstein / FOX

Soul Searching

Andre returns to Empire and Lucious appoints him President of Gutter Life Records. Here’s the thing, Andre didn’t sign up for that role, or the decadence that accompanied it. He’s looking for redemption and gets advice from his pastor to confess his sins to his family, and to get baptized. Andre agrees and tells Rhonda of his plan. Rhonda doesn’t think the family will show, but she is supportive nonetheless. Twitter was more concerned about her “pregnancy”:

Andre confesses to Jamal that he set up the robbery against him at the studio and framed Hakeem for it. The brothers were willing to forgive. Andre then confessed to Lucious that he conspired with Cookie to frame him and produce Jamal. Lucious didn’t care for the confession or the baptism as he is far from a “true believer”.

Cookie cared not for the confessions either, as they’ve all done bad things in their life and she loves Andre still.

During the baptism, the Lyon family showed their support to Andre, while Lucious, who we thought wouldn’t show, made an appearance anyway.

Cookie and Lucious argued over attempts at stealing music, bugging the Lyon Dynasty offices and other family matters. While watching the baptism, flashbacks to Lucious’s mom attempting to baptize him in water gives us a glimpse into his anger against religion and apprehension for attending in the first place.

Not That Type Of Girl

Hakeem’s found his new lead singer for Mirage a Trois, but Laura quickly sees the negatives of show business. She notices that Hakeem is very friendly with the women he manages, and chooses to leave rather than be a groupie. Hakeem promises to keep their relationship all business and Laura agrees to return.

Meanwhile, Tiana gets robbed at the Lyon Dynasty headquarters, and it looks like the locals want Cookie and Co. to pay a “hood tax” in order to conduct business. While all the promoters are scared off by this, one promoter, Delgado wants to work with Cookie and doesn’t fear the repercussions.

Hakeem has even bigger issues, as he gets kidnapped by random guys at the end of the episode! People immediately caused a frenzy!

To find out #WhoTookHakeem and more from the Lyons, check our recap next week!

Cookie is searching for a new concert promoter, and Mr. Delgado just may be her man.
In a scene from Season 2 Episode 5, Cookie is searching for a new concert promoter, and Mr. Delgado just may be her man.FOX