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Jordan Peele's 'Get Out' Inspires Newest Internet Challenge

Make sure you lace up your shoes for this one.
Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams star in "Get Out"
Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams star in "Get Out"Universal Pictures

You might want to grab a fresh pair of shoes for this new internet challenge.

The #GetOutChallenge has hit social media by storm following the theater debut of Jordan Peele’s psychological thriller "Get Out."

"Get Out" opened in theaters last month.Universal Pictures

There are no rules and no perfect way of doing it but the only objective is to RUNNNN!

The socio-political horror film follows a black man named Chris, who goes away for the weekend with his white girlfriend, Rose, to meet her parents.

Peele's racism-tackling film received an approval rating of 99 percent and a rating of 8.2 by Rotten Tomatoes, while finishing first in the box office in his first weekend, grossing $33.4 million.

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The challenge was inspired by an eerie scene involving Chris and the creepy black groundskeeper, Walter. Chris encounters Walter and quickly realizes there's something off about him. When Chris goes outside for some air that night, Walter emerges from the forest, running toward him at a full sprint. He barrels closer, making a razor sharp 90 degree turn, just a few feet in front of Chris, avoiding a collision, and continuing to run.

Ever since Walter's sharp right, fans on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have been trying their luck at this new internet sensation. Even the Golden State Warrior’s Stephen Curry took a running start to this challenge.

Check out some of the #GetOutChallenge videos that have been running loose all over.

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