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By Brandi Kellam

The biggest plug for Kanye West’s upcoming album may be the war between him and rapper Wiz Khalifa that played out on Twitter earlier today. The rapper and fashion designer unleashed a nearly 30 minute tirade against the artist who he felt disrespected his wife and his music. Chaos ensued shortly thereafter.

Kanye responded to Wiz Khalifa on Twitter.Twitter

It comes a day after West announced that he was changing the name of his forthcoming album from “Swish” to "Waves" and two days before tickets are set to go on sale to the general public for the album’s Madison Square Garden debut.

West — who rarely addresses personal issues on Twitter — attacked Khalifa’s music and style, and he also demanded that Khalifa respect his "OG" status as an artist.

He continued with a list of reasons why Khalifa should pay homage to him:

Kanye responded to Wiz Khalifa on Twitter.Twitter

After seeing West’s tweet about how Khalifa had disrespected his wife Kim Kardashian by using her initials on his Twitter — Khalifa attempted to correct the rapper — but not without taking another dig at his album.

Wiz Khalifa's tweet to KanyeTwitter

West ended his tirade with an album plug, but then pulled it down, along with much of his Twitter tirade.

Amber Rose tweeted a response to the jabs Kanye made about her and her son. But we'll let you read that one for yourself. Obviously, Twitter had a field day watching the feud go down.

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