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Lessons Learned: Russell Simmons Talks Snapchat, Drops Knowledge

Music and media mogul Russell Simmons shares five takeaways with NBCBLK on what's behind his Snapchat videos and lessons he's sharing.
Russell Simmons talks Yoga, health, the office and projects on Snapchat.
Russell Simmons talks Yoga, health, the office and projects on Snapchat.Russell Simmons Snapchat
Russell Simmons shares his moments of meditation on snapchat.Russell Simmons Snapchat

If you can't get enough of daily life of Russell Simmons beyond his prolific Twitter and Instagram posts, the media mogul has moved to a new platform to broadcast a constant flow of some of his innermost thoughts.

Yep, Simmons has become fully activated on Snapchat.

And in just one week's time, he's shared thoughts on life, yoga, office etiquette, dietary preferences, and moments of meditation. #Nofilter.

ICYMI, we compiled a video of his latest snaps and caught up with the co-founder of All Def Digital to get the 411 on his Snapchat stream of consciousness and what he's been up to lately.

1. Russell Simmons on yoga vs. stretching:

You made a video about doing yoga vs. stretching and said, “I’m in yoga class and I’m looking at the girl’s butt in front of me and you’re walking up a hill and your mind is on God, you’re doing yoga and I’m just stretching."

I have written a lot of books and there are a lot of books about yoga. The Yoga Sutra is made up of principles that are based on specific practices rooted in science, similar to how many religions are based in certain practices. There are many different Yoga Sutras - you can actually be riding a bike and be in a meditative state of mind, but when I made the post it was to teach that if you're not in that state of mind, you're not doing yoga.

2. Russell Simmons on mentoring:

You showcase your office a great deal in your videos. Do you have any young people you are currently mentoring?

I am always mentoring. I have a lot of young creators and entrepreneurs around me who I mentor. I believe whenever you open the door for someone and give them an opportunity then a form of mentorship takes place.

Russell Simmons does yoga while discussing business strategy.Russell Simmons Snapchat

3. Russell Simmons on sharing his causes:

You’ve been very active in raising awareness/providing aid for residents in Flint Michigan. Do you think the country’s attention on this issue will bring about broader changes to instances of environmental racism in the U.S.?

When you have celebrity it's a tool you can use to raise awareness about issues. I plan to use my Snapchat as a tool to raise awareness about several issues I want to bring attention to including animal rights and factory farming. In Flint, people are getting water and resources and saving one person is just as important and should not be overlooked.

4. Russell Simmons on All Def Comedy Live and All Def Digital:

All Def Comedy Live made several cameos in your first week of snaps. What‘s next for that project and how do you see All Def Digital creating more opportunities for actors of color in Hollywood?

All Def Digital is doing well and we’re planning a TV special for All Def Comedy Live soon. Think of ADCL as a reimagining of Def Comedy Jam (The show that launched the careers of every African American working comic/star considered great today) blended with a gorgeous Hollywood nightlife crowd and celebrity guests from Drake and Snoop Dogg, to Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

When it comes to diversity in Hollywood, we should push the envelope by thinking outside the box. You saw on my Snapchat that I have a mob show and a Holocaust show, but nobody’s buying. We need to not box ourselves in and push to be recognized for the variety of content we can create.

All Def Digital is a platform that helps black creators do that. Our company is made up of diverse people from various backgrounds and it’s not just about music. I’m constantly pushing for us to create diverse material.

5. Russell Simmons on his Snapchat strategy:

Do you have a vision for your Snapchat or are you just making it up as you go?

I'm making it up as I go!

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