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Love and Humor Become One in a Prank Gone Viral

What do you do when your wife wakes you up and tells you she has a surprise from you?
Michael Thomas, Twitter

What do you do when your wife wakes you up and tells you she has a surprise from you?

For Michael Thomas, it all seemed like a routine Friday.

“My wife goes to work before I do and she always stops and give me a kiss. But that day she said she had a surprise for me somewhere in the house,” Thomas told NBC News.

After searching around the house, he walked in the bathroom and burst into laughter.

His wife, Quenicha had taped up three post-it notes to the bathroom mirror.

You ain’t even that cute.

Your hairline is uneven.

You look dusty.

With a smile on his face, he posted the scene to Facebook, and then Twitter.

The selfie-style picture featured Thomas happily standing before the notes on the bathroom mirror with the caption, “When you're married to your best friend, she surprises you with romantic notes on the mirror in the morning...lmao.”

By mid-day on Friday it had already received thousands of likes and retweets.

What may look like harsh criticisms for her husband was actually just an inside joke.

“We are big fans of the show ‘Beyond Scared Straight’ and that is a reference to one of the episodes,” Thomas explained.

The episode, which aired on A&E a few years ago, featured an inmate from an alternative lifestyle ward giving a drill-sergeant-style speech to a group of teens to inspire them to turn their lives around. “You ain’t even that cute, your hairline is uneven and you look dusty,” he barked.

That instantly became a running joke in the Thomas household. “Humor is our love language,” said Quenicha Thomas, Michael’s wife.

“When you marry your best friend, they understand you,” Thomas agreed. “They understand your quirks, your turn ons and turn offs. They just know you completely…Not only are we husband and wife by the law, we are also best friends and we hold each other near and dear.”

“Humor is our love language.” - Quenicha Thomas

The tweet received dozens of replies with some posting things like, “relationship goals.” The genuine happiness on Michael’s face is what may have helped the tweet gain traction.

Michael is a wire photographer who usually covers news and sports event in the Midwest. He was surprised, however, that his tweet with a cell phone photo went viral. “It was really kind of amazing. My photographs from covering Ferguson, Muhammad Ali, my sports photos and even photos of Barack Obama in the Oval Office usually only got two or three retweets. But to see people get excited about a few post-it notes on the mirror is kind of weird.”

Michael says the best part of this whole experience is connecting with other people and putting smiles on their faces. He hopes his tweet will inspire some people to change the way they respond to their partners.

For the married couples that lost their spark he added, “Have fun! You guys are going to spend the rest of your lives with each other. Have fun, play jokes on each other but know the other’s comfort zones.”

But Michael has a warning to those who think married life is all fun and laughs. “Usually online and on Facebook we only see the good times,” he said. “With marriage it goes both ways. You have to embrace the good times as well as the bad times.”

He went on, “What makes marriage so beautiful is through those sad times you got somebody there that is down to go through it with you and you are not alone.”

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