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'AfterHours' With Mack Wilds: A Millennial Examines the Milieu of NYC

by Zyaira Speller /  / Updated 
Image: Tristan "Mack" Wilds
Tristan "Mack" WildsRoc Nation

Amidst the series premiere of primetime ten-part film, "Shots Fired," and the revamp of 90s Hip-Hop TV show, "The Breaks," multi-faceted artist Tristan “Mack” Wilds has stepped up his game with his newest release, "AfterHours."

With its captivating storyline, "AfterHours" serves as a soundtrack to the late hours of the night. Once Wilds, along with co-director Greg Cally, transformed the album into a mini-series, it became not only an emotionally driven album, but an ode to New York City.

But Mack Wilds has created an experience rather than just an album.

The six part mini-series is exclusively on Tidal, also titled "AfterHours," explores the same sentimental and multi-layered ideas as the album. The series, touches on topics ranging from the implications of social media, to Uber drivers in relationships, to appreciating the valuable culture within New York City.

Image: Tristan "Mack" Wilds
Tristan "Mack" WildsRoc Nation

Wilds pays homage to his native city of New York with an experience that becomes a tableaux of New York’s current culture and reflects the city’s spontaneous nature. It’s simple touches like featuring New York public figures and that renowned food cart -- the Halal Guys -- that bring the series alive.

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The series is comedic yet very real when it comes to playing out how people glide through day-to-day relationships. At the "AfterHours" this spring, the audible reactions to certain scenes demonstrated the personal connection viewers were able to manifest. It’s just another testament to Wilds' innate ability to connect with the people.

To borrow a title from one of the songs on the album, “Vibes,” when this reporter was introduced to the actor and singer, his vibes were indeed welcoming, and showcased his humility.

When asked to chose between a life of only music or acting, Wilds said he would “rather jump off the Verrazano,” which only begins to illustrate his dedication to art.

As long as he displays his talents to the world with this level of work ethic, people will continue to pay close attention to the young star. His partnership in co-writing, directing, producing this series prove that Mack Wilds is indeed the renaissance-man that many credit him to be.

In an era where music becomes interminable after a few listens because of the constant shifts in culture, Wilds and his team were able to create a piece of work that is timeless.

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