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By Sylvia Cunningham

There were over 100 students invited to the White House Science Fair to celebrate accomplishments in science, math, engineering and technology on Wednesday, but just one of them was singled out by President Barack Obama in a nationally streamed speech as being a “clearly good negotiator and businessperson.”

President Barack Obama shows off a replica of the White House made with a 3D printer by nine-year old Jacob Leggette, left, while touring exhibits at the White House Science Fair on April 13, 2016 in Washington.Win McNamee / Getty Images

The 9-year-old student Jacob Leggette from Baltimore, Maryland, said the event on Wednesday, and especially Obama’s shout out, made him feel like he was “in the best place ever.”

The president’s praise came after he learned about Leggette’s accomplishments with a 3D printer and how the then 8-year-old managed to get his hands on one of his very own.

Months ago, Leggette wrote letters to various printer companies, asking if they could send him a 3D printer. In exchange, he would offer his feedback on how user- and kid-friendly their device was.

His offer was accepted, and a deal was struck. Leggette has been 3D printing ever since, creating toys and other “awesome things.”

Leggette’s next move is to work on printing artificial organs. He said his inspiration comes from wanting to “help people live longer and healthier lives.”

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