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Michael Jackson's White Glove Can Be Yours for $20K

An iconic relic once owned by Michael Jackson can now be yours to keep. The King of Pop was widely known for wearing a white rhinestone glove during c
Michael jackson
Michael Jackson performs with his brothers at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles as part of their Victory Tour.Doug Pizac / AP file

An iconic relic once worn by the King of Pop can now be yours to keep. Michael Jackson was widely known for wearing a white rhinestone glove during countless performances, and now that glove is up for auction at a bidding start of $20,000.

The biding will take place at Nate D. Sanders Auction House on July 30. The white glove, which features crystal beading, was given to friend and personal artist Paul Bedard, who created multiple paintings of Jackson’s home and famous figures like George Washington and the Mona Lisa wearing the glove.

Globally considered as the greatest music entertainer in history, Jackson emphasized his larger-than-life image by using classic fashion to his advantage, among them the black fedora, aviator sunglasses and military jackets. The white glove served as an integral image for Jackson.

In a 1999 interview, the pop singer tells Barbara Walters, “Why one glove? Cooler than two.”

One of Jackson’s other gloves which was worn during his first moonwalk was sold in 2009 months after his death for $420,000, according to Today.

The winning bidder of the glove will receive a photo with Bedard wearing the glove, artwork he created, and an official statement declaring the glove’s authenticity.

Michael Jackson’s Glove will be auctioned off by Nate D. Sanders Auction House at a starting bid of $20,000 dollars.Nate D. Sanders Auction House