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By Maya Chung

The Twitter hashtag #popebars went viral Monday after one Twitter user posted a photo of Pope Francis in prime rapper stance — mic in one hand, gesturing with the other, surrounded by a "cypher" of very attentive African clergy members waiting their turn — and encouraged users to make their own lyrics and memes.

The photo was taken during the pope's visit to an internally displaced people camp in the conflict-ridden Central African Republic on Sunday as he gave his blessing.

But that didn't stop the idea of il papa "blessing the mic" in a battle rap formation from striking Twitter gold.

As of Monday afternoon the hashtag was trending with more than 60,000 tweets. Even best-selling author and columnist Ta-Nehisi Coates and Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the Broadway musical Hamilton, joined in on the game with a few genius lyrics of their own.

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This isn't the first time #popebars has inspired Twitter to break out the freestyles. People have been tweeting about the pope's potential rap career for months.

Here are some of our most recent favorites:

Some joked about him dropping a new mixtape too.