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Liryca Neville-Branch, Restaurant Customer Who Got Racist Receipt: 'I'm Not OK'

A woman who was given a receipt with a racial slur on it from a New Orleans restaurant said that she "had a breakdown" because of the incident.

A customer at a New Orleans restaurant who was given a receipt with a racial slur on it said Friday that she "had a breakdown" after the incident and may take legal action.

"I've never been through anything like this," Liryca Neville-Branch told reporters Friday, alongside her attorney. "I like to consider myself a strong person. Last night, I couldn't sleep. I went to work this morning thinking that I would be OK, but I literally had a breakdown at work this morning and I couldn't stay."

The receipt from Huck Finn's Cafe had the N-word on it and "100 % Dislike" printed underneath. It was uploaded to Facebook earlier this week.

A customer at a New Orleans restaurant says a racial slur appeared on her receipt.via Facebook

Neville-Branch works near the restaurant. She had gone there with three co-workers. She was too distracted at work the following day to concentrate.

"It's too close of a vicinity of Huck Finn's, and it was too soon. I'm not OK. I thought I was, but I'm not," she said.

Huck Finn's issued an apology, saying it was "shocked and appalled," and that it had fired the employee responsible.

"I don't think their apology was sincere. I think it was something their lawyer told them to do for legal action," Neville-Branch said.

Her attorney, Morris Reed Jr., said Neville-Branch was "humiliated," and said she is considering a lawsuit.


— Elizabeth Chuck