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By Donna Owens
Russell SimmonsGriffin Vision

Russell Simmons is a hip-hop icon and global celebrity, but chat with him awhile and he expresses that even wealth, fame and power don't guarantee fulfillment if there’s no inner peace, or one’s environment is chaotic. So at a time when America is grappling with a rash of killings involving police and black civilians, the mogul is pushing to encourage peace and healing in communities nationwide.

“My heart is broken for the families of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and all who’ve been victimized at the hands of police, and for the law enforcement officers who’ve senselessly lost their lives,” said Simmons, Chairman and CEO of Rush Communications. “While I am saddened and outraged, I realize that throwing my hands up in frustration won’t accomplish anything. I want to be part of the process to build trust between police and the community, and provide meaningful gestures that will help with reforms.”

Russell Simmons and Peacemakers at press conference.Griffin Vision