No Jessica Simpson baby yet? Let us shower you with this fancy video

Jessica Simpson in New York back in November, way before talk of history's longest celebrity pregnancy set in. Amanda Schwab / AP file

There hasn't been enough Jessica Simpson news lately. We're all waiting -- right? aren't we ALL waiting?! -- with bated breath for the news that she finally, after approximately 37 months of being pregnant, has popped out that baby girl.

It hasn't happened yet.

But the singer, who has been noticeably absent from the media lately, threw us a bone Thursday by uploading to her website a charming (professional) video from her March 18 baby shower. The Charlotte's Web-themed shower was meticulously planned by celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss, so Jess is smart to get as much mileage out of that party as possible.

The short video flashes visions of hay bales, organic ice cream, giant lollipops, Jessica Alba, and mounds and mounds of gifts.

She's probably still opening presents. That must be why we haven't seen her in a couple of weeks.

In a nod to Simpson's southern roots -- or just her pregnancy cravings -- guests were offered fried Oreos and Twinkies.

On her official website, Simpson writes that she hopes "I can be half as good of a mom as my mom has been to me."

We're wondering if Baby Maxwell will join the family business by selling her first photos to a magazine, or will she pull a Blue Ivy and make her debut on mom's personal blog?

And, given Jessica's penchant for oversharing, can we expect the next video to be from the labor and delivery room? 

We should know in a few weeks.

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