Ohio University band takes on ‘Gangnam Style’

The return of fall and football are welcome distractions for a nation consumed by "Gangnam Style." But the Ohio University Marching 110 ignored our desire to get back to hearing "Call Me Maybe" everywhere and unleashed a version of Korean singer Psy's catchy dance track.

While most big bands are still trying to learn their way around "Thriller" for halftime entertainment, these guys and gals do a pretty great job of combining their instrumental skills with some not-bad-for-the-band dance moves.

Plenty of wanna-be Psys are out there attempting that gallop dance in the privacy of the entire Internet, so kudos to the band for doing it in front of a packed stadium. We love the pause and applause at the 2:00 mark before it rips back into the distinctive drum beat of a marching band. What's more American than a crisp, autumn day at a football stadium in Athens, Ohio, as Korean pop music washes over the crowd? 

Complete with gyrating cymbal players at the 50-yard line, the Marching 110 -- founded in 1923! -- should feel no shame in extending the shelf life of "Gangnam Style" just a few more clicks (791,000 and counting on YouTube).

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