One Direction gets Bad Lip Reading treatment in ‘Shadow Pico’

The pros at Bad Lip Reading have set their sights on the boys of One Direction and made them the stars of a spoof foreign language film called "Shadow Pico."

Set to the visuals of the British band's video for "Gotta Be You," "Pico" dubs phony languages over the top for a dramatic art-house feel.

"They've captivated the world with their music," the intro says. "Now experience One Direction as you've never seen them before. In their first foreign language motion picture." And then, instead of bubbly lyrics about girls and bro-bonding, the gibberish begins.

Turning on the video's closed captioning makes the entire effort all the better, especially when "Ooh, ooh, ooh" is translated as "Ooh, ooh, ooh."

With 82 million views, the real music video is in no danger (yet) of being eclipsed by the spoof's 29,000 views. But Bad Lip Reading does attract a lot of eyes -- this classic "Twilight" spoof has 16 million views.

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