18 years later, Srebrenica massacre victims laid to rest

A Bosnian Muslim woman mourns over the casket of a relative, one of 409 newly-identified victms of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, at the Potocari Memorial Center in Srebrenica, Bosnia, on July 10, ahead of Thursday's burial ceremony. Elvis Barukcic / AFP - Getty Images

Four hundred and nine newly-identified victims of the Srebrenica massacre were buried Thursday in Bosnia, eighteen years after Europe's worst atrocity since the Holocaust.

A woman embraces the coffin of a relative, one of the newly-identified identified victims of the Srebrenica massacre, on July 11. Dado Ruvic / Reuters

Reuters reports: Watched by thousands of mourners, coffins draped in green cloth were passed from hand to hand down lines of Bosnian Muslim men to be interred at the Potocari memorial center, a forest of white marble and wooden gravestones that now number 6,066.

Some 8,000 Muslim men and boys were killed by Bosnian Serb forces in five summer days in 1995, towards the end of a war that erupted in 1992 with the collapse of federal Yugoslavia and would claim 100,000 lives. Some bodies have yet to be found from what became Europe's worst mass killing since the Nazi Holocaust against Jews during World War Two.

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Bosnians pass coffins from hand to hand of some of the 409 newly-identified victims of the Srebrenica massacre on July 11. Valdrin Xhemaj / EPA