94 migrants found packed in ‘overcrowded’ truck bound for Mexico-US border

An x-ray image shows how 94 illegal migrants in a truck were discovered by authorities in Tuxla Gutierrez, Mexico, on July 23, 2013. The 78 men and 16 women were traveling in inhumane conditions and have serious injuries to their hands and legs, as well as symptoms of suffocation. Chiapas Attorney General's Office via EPA

Mexico detained 94 illegal immigrants, including 19 from the Indian subcontinent, packed into a truck bound for the U.S. border, authorities said on Tuesday.

Among the people found near the southern city of Tuxtla Gutierrez, capital of Chiapas state, were 10 Nepalese and nine Bangladeshis trying to reach the United States, officials said.

Authorities said the migrants were traveling in inhumane conditions. The driver of the vehicle, who was from central Mexico, was arrested on human trafficking charges.

Several of the migrants were treated for hand and leg injuries, and some struggled to breathe due to the "overcrowded conditions" on the truck, Mexico's National Migration Institute said.

The entire group, which included seven minors, is likely to face deportation proceedings. Read the full story.