American Airlines flight forced to divert to Ireland

LONDON -- A mechanical problem forced an American Airlines plane to divert to Ireland, shortly after it took off from the U.K. on Friday morning.

The Boeing 767 300 bound for Chicago had taken off from Manchester in the north of England at 10:50 a.m. local time (5:50 a.m. ET) and had started to make its way over the Atlantic Ocean when pilots were forced to turn around and head for Shannon Airport on the Emerald Isle.

The crew had reported a warning light in the cockpit.

Shannon airport’s head of Operations Nial Maloney said the airport enacted its emergency plan, which would involve the standby of the fire and rescue service, but the plane had landed safely.

“The aircraft with 212 souls on board landed safely at 13:03 hours local,” he said. “All the passengers safely disembarked and are now in the transit lounge.”

A ground maintenance crew is now examining the plane.