Anthony Weiner argues with voter during campaign stop, again

Democratic former Rep. Anthony Weiner, who's running for mayor of New York after resigning from Congress in a sexting scandal, got into another heated argument with a New Yorker during a campaign stop Wednesday.

Making a stop at a kosher deli in Brooklyn before the beginning of the Jewish New Year on Wednesday evening, Weiner schmoozed with the clientele and the staff, insisting on paying full price for a cheese danish, a honey cake and an iced coffee.

In a confrontation captured on several videos, a man in line behind Weiner at the counter — identified by New York media as Saul Kessler, a real estate developer — yelled something as Weiner was walking out the door. 

The most widely circulated video, which you can watch from NBC New York and at the top of this story, begins with Weiner's initial response:

"Yeah, takes one to know one, jackass. Very nice, very nice, in front of kids. That's a charming guy right there," Weiner says.

"You are disgusting, disgusting," Kessler replies, whereupon the shouting commences as aides unsuccessfully try to usher Weiner out of harm's way.

"What's that? What's that?" Weiner answers. "You wait until I walk out to say anything? That's courage! That's courage!"

The argument then shifts to Weiner's assertion that Kessler has no right to judge him.

"What rabbi taught you that you're my judge?" he asks heatedly.

After more back and forth, Kessler says: "Think about your wife. How could you take the person you're closest to and trusts you and betray her?"

"You don't get to judge me, because you have shown no signs of being superior to me, and you are not my God!" Weiner shouts.

Eventually, after a recitation of his accomplishments for the neighborhood while in Congress (Kessler vigorously disagrees), Weiner walks out.

What isn't shown in that video — but is clearly heard in a longer version the Weiner campaign itself posted later — is that the question about Weiner's wife wasn't the first time Kessler mentioned her.

Before Weiner's response, Kessler can be heard saying, "You're a scumbag. Married to an Arab." That comment comes 3 minutes, 44 seconds into the Weiner campaign's version:

In an email to reporters, the campaign said: "The man made repeated personal attacks against Anthony and his family and after several minutes, Anthony stood up for himself."

Later in the day, Weiner took to Twitter to personally give his side:


Back on Aug. 5, Weiner got into a similar foul-mouthed argument with a woman who said she was a former constituent.

Weiner said later: "Do you think I'm intimidated by one person yelling at me? What kind of mayor would I be?"