Ayman Mohyeldin discusses the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise and fall in Egypt

NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin discussed the rise and rapid fall of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood with GlobalPost Correspondent Charles M. Sennott and FRONTLINE Producer Marcela Gaviria on Wednesday afternoon.

In Egypt in Crisis, a documentary by FRONTLINE, GlobalPost's Sennott goes inside the Egyptian revolution, tracing how what began as a youth movement to topple a dictator evolved into an opportunity for the Muslim Brotherhood to seemingly find the political foothold it had sought for decades—and then why it all fell apart. Were the Brothers ever really in charge? Or was the Egyptian “deep state” in control all along?

Mohyeldin, NBC’s Cairo correspondent who reported on the revolution from its start, moderated a Live Chat with Sennott and Gaviria about the documentary, Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood, the interim military regime and whether or not there is hope for democracy in Egypt.

Click below to replay the dynamic and informative chat.