Biden tweets, reveals water gun shenanigans

A photo of President Obama with a water gun, from Vice President Joe Biden's Twitter feed. @Joebiden / Twitter via PhotoBucket

The Obama 2012 campaign launched Vice President Joe Biden's official Twitter page Monday, giving no one any doubts he's back on the campaign trail

First order of business: @JoeBiden tweeted about taxes and the campaign and then, with the serious stuff out of the way, Biden shared some personal snaps, called “Favorite Joe photos, volume 1.” 

Volume 1, an ode to the Super Soaker, included a photo of President Obama running with a water gun around a pool, and Biden in a separate scene, brandishing a rather more tricked-out version. 

The Twitterverse has responded to the photos with gusto. John Dickerson of Slate magazine asked of Obama’s photo, “The Secret Service lets him run around the pool!?!” Ross Neumann of Thomson Reuters added a photo of Hillary Clinton to the mix, though instead of running with a water gun, she's looking very serious in dark sunglasses with the caption, “For the last time, you are not Seal Team 6.” 

Vice President Joe Biden wields a water gun in this photo from his Twitter feed. @Joebiden / Twitter via PhotoBucket

This isn’t the first time Biden has been spotted with a Super Soaker. At a party he hosted with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, in 2010, the couple's summer residence (officially known as the Naval Observatory) was transformed into the “Biden Beach Boardwalk,” which included schmoozing and games. 

It was the second lady who launched the surprise Super Soaker attack on her husband, with a Secret Service agent reportedly saying, “I’m here to protect you, Mr. Vice President, but not from this.” Biden quickly retaliated but was soaked by a number of children, including his grandkids. 

The party was thrown again in 2011, and Dr. Biden was ready for battle in camouflage pants, a U.S. Army T-shirt and a black wig. A water gun fight was on the agenda, but Biden got a chance to change into shorts before mobilizing his attack.

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