Congress: Going ahead with more sanctions

“Lawmakers are making contingency plans for what happens if — or when — the nuclear accord with Iran falls apart,” the AP writes. “Congress is out of town through the end of the month, but lawmakers are already weighing their options for how to address the deal with Iran, in which Tehran agrees to a six-month pause in its nuclear program in exchange for eased sanctions worth $7 billion. Lawmakers from both parties are skeptical the agreement will prod Tehran to give up its nuclear ambitions and say they will be waiting with even harsher punishment if Iran proves an untrustworthy partner.”

Republicans go all wag the dog about the Iran deal. Sen. John Cornyn tweeted: "Amazing what WH will do to distract attention from O-care.”

Roll Call: "Two top Democrats said Sunday they expected the Senate would still move forward with enhanced sanctions against Iran, despite news out of Geneva of an interim agreement regarding the Iranian nuclear program."

The AP looks at why the defense bill couldn’t get done and got hung up in the Senate.