Dramatic dash-cam video shows man in fatigues firing on Oregon officer

Gunman shoots at police with 3 kids in car, video shows 1:32

Warning: Some viewers may find this video disturbing.

Dramatic dashboard-camera video captured a man in military fatigues opening fire on a police officer during a routine traffic stop on an Oregon highway while the man’s three children waited in his car.

The man, identified by investigators as John Allen II, took a bullet to the chest from the officer and managed to drive a half-mile away before slumping in his car and dying. The officer was shot in the side but survived.

The stop happened outside Portland in August. The dash-cam video shows Allen getting out of the car and captures the officer, off camera, saying: “Please sit back in the car for me.”

Allen stands still, his right hand apparently on his back pocket. The officer yells: “Sir! Get back in the car for me now!” Allen then walks toward the officer, and — just as the officer yells, “Sir! Sir!” — opens fire.

Allen appears to empty his clip before taking off in the car. The officer is heard saying, “I’m OK.”

The children are 15, 13 and 10, and were not hurt.

“It’s upsetting, yeah,” said Deborah Morton-Hamlet, Allen’s aunt. “He was trying to take his children on a road trip.”