Famed trick shooter Annie Oakley’s shotgun sells for $293,000 at auction

The 16-gauge Parker Brothers Hammer shotgun once belonged to famed sharpshooter Annie Oakley. Heritage Auctions

A shotgun once owned by one of America's most famous Old West sharpshooters sold at auction Sunday in Dallas, Texas, for $293,000.

A letter authenticating that the 16-gauge Parker Brothers Hammer shotgun once belonged to Annie Oakley. Heritage Auctions

Annie Oakley's "16-Gauge Parker Brothers Hammer shotgun" was sold by Heritage Auctions to an unidentified telephone buyer, auction house officials said. The new owner also procured several documents affirming the weapon's authenticity, as well as its scabbard.

"If you wanted to own an Annie Oakley artifact this is as good as it gets," Tom Slater, director of the Americana department at Heritage Auctions, told NBC News.

Born in 1860, by the late 19th century Oakley was performing as a sharpshooter with the famous Buffalo Bill's Wild West show — alongside Old West luminary Sitting Bull. Oakley became renowned nationwide for her prowess with a rifle.

The shotgun was consigned by Oakley's great grandniece, Slater said. A personal gold charm bracelet once owned by Oakley also went up for auction Sunday.

The bracelet sold for $250,000.

A canvas field scabbard with two sleeves, one fitted for the barrels and one for the receiver and stock of the 16-gauge Parker Brothers Hammer shotgun once owned by Old West trick shooter Annie Oakley. Heritage Auctions