Foul-mouthed pro-gun Pennsylvania police chief loses his job

Gilberton, Pa., Police Chief Mark Kessler in a YouTube video published July 15. Mark Kessler / YouTube

The Pennsylvania police chief who shot off his mouth and a machine gun in profanity-laced pro-gun videos lost his job Thursday night.

The Gilberton Borough Council voted to fire Mark Kessler, who'd already been suspended for posting over-the-top videos in which he ranted about the Second Amendment and liberals while spraying machine gun fire with borough-owned weapons.

Kessler told reporters outside the closed disciplinary hearing Thursday night that "I feel in my heart I'm doing the right thing," NBC Philadelphia reported.

"Yeah, I made some videos with some choice language, but that's my right," he said. "That's my freedom."

A few members of Kessler's "Constitution Security Force," a pro-gun group, showed up to support Kessler on Thursday, openly carrying assault-style weapons and handguns, NBC Philadelphia reported. Some got into an argument with an opponent.

Kessler was suspended in July for improper use of a state purchasing program, failing to submit required crime data and making derogatory comments about borough officials, said his lawyer, Joseph Nahas, who contended that the charges were trumped up to justify dismissing Kessler because of the videos.

The borough's lawyer wouldn't comment after the hearing, calling it a personnel matter.

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Kessler has acknowledged that the videos are inflammatory, but he said they were designed to draw attention to what he views as an erosion of Second Amendment and other constitutional rights. He did promise to stop cursing, however.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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