Impenetrable smog smothers Chinese cities

A woman walks along a street during a smoggy day in Changchun, Jilin province, China, on Oct. 22. China Daily / Reuters
Passersby cycle past a truck waiting outside a closed toll booth as heavy smog spreads on a highway, forcing vehicles to wait in Jilin, northeast China's Jilin province on Oct. 22. AFP - Getty Images
A woman and her son wearing masks walk along a road as heavy smog engulfs Changchun, on Oct. 21. ChinaFotoPress / Getty Images

Thick smog enveloped China's northeast area for a third day on Wednesday, with schools and regional airports shuttered and low visibility forcing ground transport to a halt in places. The average visibility at times was less than 16 feet at 6 a.m. Tuesday, according to local media.

-- Agence France-Presse, Reuters

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An Oct. 22 satellite image shows smog (gray) over eastern China. NASA / AFP - Getty Images
A truck waits outside a toll booth after it is shuttered as heavy smog spreads on a highway, in Jilin, China, on Oct. 22. The heavy smog prevented vehicles from traveling on the highway. AFP - Getty Images

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