#NBCNewsPics: VeeDub buses will keep on truckin’

Original caption from Instagram: My VW making its #MemorialDay debut in the town parade. #Ain'tThatAmerica @jbaiata via Instagram

With word that the production of the iconic Volkswagen Transporter, more affectionately known as the “bus” will cease at the end of this year, we’re asking readers to share photos and favorite memories of their vehicle.

Show us your VeeDub sitting in the garage, or a snapshot from back in the day. Tag it #NBCNewsPics on Instagram or Twitter, or upload your picture directly by clicking the box below. We’ll share our favorite images here and on our Instagram account.

Our first entry comes from John Baiata, Director of Digital Newsgathering at NBC News. Baiata has this to say about his image:

My first exposure to a VW bus was, like a lot of American kids, via the “Scooby Doo” cartoon and animation’s most famous stoner, Shaggy. The gang always seemed to have fun in theirs – except of course when being pursued by poorly disguised bad guys.

But there’s another reason I have “FUN BUS” as the vanity plate on mine. It’s impossible to tool around in it and NOT have a smile on your face. Kids flash you the peace sign, other drivers honk to give you their thumbs up, grinning approval. And, inevitably, someone will corral you to share their memories of the bus they grew up with, the life-altering cross-country trip they took in one, or the window-rattling party they held in another.

Mine has been host to countless tailgates, camping trips, outings for ice cream and Sunday drives. I’m on my 3rd engine, have no heat or a/c and get about 12mpg around town. And I’d no sooner sell it than I would one of my kids. Long live the VW bus!

Editor's note: All photos below provided by readers and have not been verified by NBC News.