Northern lights cast alien glow over Scandinavia

Northern lights glow green over Laukvik in Norway's Lofoten district, in a view captured on Sept. 13 by June Gronseth. For more, check out June Gronseth

The sun has been quiet over the past week or so, but the northern lights are nevertheless eerie enough to spawn an "X-Files" sequel.

June Grønseth's panorama of the northern lights, captured on Friday from Laukvik in Norway, makes it look as if a UFO is hovering over the horizon. This was no alien invasion, however: Think of it instead as a heavenly dance. "As soon as it was dark enough to see the Lady Aurora, we went out to meet her," she told "The lady was really playful in all colors. As always, a huge pleasure to see her dance, and just leave everything else behind."

Lights Over Lapland's Chad Blakley captured this view of the aurora over Lake Tornetrask on Sept. 12. The large mountain in the distance is Mount Noulja. "The images were captured between 9:30 and 11 p.m. by using a wide-angle lens, high ISO and a fast shutter speed," Blakley writes. For more, check out Lights Over Lapland's website and Facebook page. There's a Vimeo video clip of the scene as well. Chad Blakley / Lights Over Lapland

Meanwhile, off to the east, Chad Blakley was reveling in the view from Sweden's Lake Torneträsk. "The lake is incredibly beautiful — especially when the auroras are dancing in the sky and reflecting in the water!" Blakley told NBC News in an email.

For more pictures from Grønseth, check out on the Web and on Facebook. For more from Blakley, click on over to Lights Over Lapland's website, plus this Facebook page and this Vimeo gallery. To see auroral images dancing across your screen, take a look at's auroral gallery. And for still more auroral glories, follow the links below.

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