Obama agenda: Another health-care push

“Seeking to move past its website woes, the Obama administration is launching a two-pronged health care strategy this month aimed at avoiding enrollment snafus come January while also trying to refocus the public’s attention on broader benefits of the sweeping law,” AP writes.

Politico: “After two months of intense coverage of the botched rollout, the president will host a White House event kicking off a three-week drive to refocus the public on the law’s benefits, senior administration officials” said.

National Journal: “Insurance companies are still waiting for key parts of to be built—and still having trouble with the parts that are in place. Important pieces of the Obamacare site are still glitchy, or missing altogether. And the site’s botched rollout is hardly boosting confidence in the vital components that still need to be built, including the systems for processing payments to insurers and squaring away the details of who has enrolled in which plans.”

That said…USA Today: "A software bug that caused 80% of the problems with information forms insurers received from the website has been fixed, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced Monday."

USA Today: “President Barack Obama is hosting Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos at the White House, just days after the Latin American leader announced his intent to seek re-election in the midst of peace talks with the nation's leading rebel group.”

AP: “U.S. Vice President Joe Biden voiced strong opposition Tuesday to China’s new air defense zone above a set of disputed islands, showing a united front with an anxious Japan as tension in the region simmered.”

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