Obama agenda: Can OFA channel the Tea Party come August?

“His second-term agenda on the line, President Barack Obama urged his most ardent supporters Monday to mount a summertime show of support that can rival any opposition Obama and Democrats may face from constituents next month,” the AP writes. But he noted the challenges: “Alluding to his own limitations despite being re-elected, he acknowledged ‘things still get stuck here in Washington’ even when he delivers on his end.” And: “Naturally it’s not going to be as full of razzmatazz as a campaign. First of all, we don’t have a billion dollars to spend. Nonetheless, in some ways this stuff is more important.”

Politico: “If Organizing for Action’s plans come together, 2013 will be their turn to make trouble for members of Congress back home in their districts. Four years after the tea party surprised Democrats at town halls that led to the Republican wave of 2010, the political action group formed out of the remains of President Barack Obama’s campaign laid out its plans Monday for Action August, a month of activity meant to break Congressional opposition to the White House agenda.” 

A Washington Post/ABC poll finds people split on the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin trial with 41% saying they approve of the verdict and 41% saying they do not. There’s a wide racial divide. Whites approve 51%/31%; blacks disapprove 86%/9%. Hispanics also disapprove 50%/24%. There’s also a wide ideological split. Democrats disapprove 62%/22%; Republicans approve by an almost identical 65%/20%. Independents approve 44%/35%. 

A majority of Americans don’t want the health-care law repealed, a National Journal poll finds – 57% either want to wait and see or provide more funding, while just 36% prefer outright repeal. But a majority also thinks implementation is going poorly – 51% say the White House is not prepared to implement the law and will face other major problems, while just 38% said the administration is working to make sure the most important parts of the law are implement properly. 

Enrolling Hollywood to sell Obamacare: “The White House took on a little Hollywood glow Monday as aides planned to implement a key part of the new health care plan. Celebrities Jennifer Hudson, Amy Poehler, Michael Cera, and Kal Penn attended a meeting in which aides discussed the roll out of new health exchanges starting Oct. 1. Obama stopped by to talk with the guests. He hopes they can encourage young people to sign up for insurance under the terms of the health care law he signed in 2010.”

Post-Sandy baby boom… The Asbury Park Press: “Some nine months after superstorm Sandy swamped the Jersey Shore, it looks like the storm is bringing a wave of a different sort — a baby boom. ‘Happy accidents’ is how expectant parents and area physicians are describing Sandy babies, which have resulted in a 35 percent bump in births at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, and 20 percent at Jersey Shore University and Ocean medical centers in Neptune and Brick, respectively, an Asbury Park Press review of area hospitals found. ‘People just love hurricanes and sex,’ said Richard W. Evans, an economics professor who has studied the impact of hurricanes on fertility.”