Obama agenda: ‘Chaos’

AP: “A potential federal shutdown looming, President Barack Obama on Monday warned congressional Republicans they could trigger national ‘economic chaos’ if they demand a delay of his health care law as the price for supporting continued spending for federal operations.”

Roll Call: “If the failed candidacy of Larry H. Summers to head the Federal Reserve is any indication, the White House’s relationship with Senate Democrats needs a great deal of work at a crucial time for looming fiscal fights. Operatives on both sides of the aisle say the small but successful rebellion from a group of Senate Democrats to the potential Summers nomination revealed broader distrust on policy issues between Democrats in Congress and the White House.”

New York Times: "Janet L. Yellen told friends in recent weeks that she did not expect to be nominated as the next chairman of the Federal Reserve. Although she had been the Fed’s vice chairman since 2010 and would make history as the first woman to hold the job, President Obama’s aides made clear throughout the summer that he wanted Lawrence H. Summers, his former chief economic adviser. Now, awkwardly, it appears that the president may have to circle back to Ms. Yellen after Mr. Summers withdrew from consideration on Sunday, bowing to the determined opposition of at least five Senate Democrats. On Monday, Ms. Yellen became the front-runner by elimination, officials close to the White House said."

“President Obama credentials new ambassadors on Tuesday, but the big event may be behind the scenes,” USA Today notes. “The president has an interview with the Spanish language television network Telemundo.”

The credentialing ceremony is for nine new ambassadors to the United States.

“President Barack Obama on Monday cleared the way for the U.S. to send chemical weapons-related assistance to the Syrian opposition, as well as international organizations working inside the war-torn Middle Eastern country,” AP writes. “The move comes nearly a month after a deadly chemical weapons attack near Damascus that raised the specter of a U.S. military strike and resulted in a diplomatic deal aimed at stripping Syria of its stockpiles of deadly gases. While the White House says the international response should deter future attacks, the authorization of chemical weapons-related assistance signaled that the U.S. was at least preparing for the possibility that the deadly gases might be used again.”

“About 6.4 million Americans eligible to buy insurance through the new health exchanges will pay $100 or less a month in premiums because of tax subsidies, according to a Department of Health and Human Services report to be released Tuesday and obtained by USA TODAY.”

Politico: “Comparisons between the attack last December at Sandy Hook Elementary and Monday’s violence in Washington present the White House and gun control advocates with a stark question and a grim reality: If the murder of 20 first graders in their Connecticut grade school wasn’t enough to pass a bill, how likely will the deaths of 12 adults at a Navy base change the result?”

Jill Lawrence says Obama should be more concerned about style. “From his Syria gyrations to Monday's ill-timed economic speech attacking Republicans as a mass shooting was in progress at the nearby Washington Navy Yard, Obama's apparently willful dismissal of style could do more than just hurt his poll numbers,” she writes. “It could yield midterm election losses and create perhaps insurmountable obstacles to achieving his policy goals.”

(But substance should count, too, right?)