Obama agenda: Is the patient recovering?

With the health-care website apparently stabilized, support for the health law has bounced back, according to an ABC/Washington Post poll – 46% support the law, 49% oppose. Last month, it was 40% support, 57% oppose.

A majority of Americans also support the budget deal, 50%-35%.

AP: “President Barack Obama is meeting Tuesday with executives from leading technology companies, including Google, Twitter and Apple. The White House says the meeting will focus on efforts to repair the Obama administration’s website and reform government information technology. The National Security Agency’s surveillance programs are also on the agenda.”

“President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will look to enlist mothers in a push to encourage uninsured Americans to sign up for coverage under ObamaCare with an event Wednesday in the Oval Office,” The Hill writes. “The president and first lady will host a rare joint event, designed to highlight benefits of the law — and encourage adult children to sign up for coverage.”

“The White House says a National Security Agency official who suggested the U.S. consider granting Edward Snowden amnesty was expressing his personal opinion,” AP writes.

Snowden now is trying to get asylum in Brazil, offering to help the country with its investigation into U.S. spying.

First Lady Michelle Obama is getting President Obama new workout clothes for Christmas,” The Hill writes. "He said that’s what he wanted,” she said yesterday at an event. “Don’t think — I’m not forcing my husband to work out.”

Also, mark your calendars because the first lady turns 50 Jan. 17. She said it’s when she will turn “50 and fabulous” and that "I’m not exactly sure yet what I’m going to do, but it might involve some dancing.”

Dennis Rodman’s headed back to North Korea Thursday. (Really, after the uncle was executed?)

Politico: “The circus is back. The controversial Missouri State Fair rodeo clown who gained national attention for wearing a mask of President Barack Obama during an appearance may also soon have the title of his town’s ‘Person of the Year’ to add to his name. Tuffy Gessling, the rodeo clown who wore the mask at the state fair that earned him a lifetime ban, is the front-runner in the Time-like contest in Sedalia, Mo., with more than half the votes cast so far, according to local reports.”