PRESS Pass: Dan Balz

PRESS Pass: Dan Balz 13:15

Veteran Washington Post correspondent Dan Balz's new book, Collision 2012reveals for the first time the extent of the pressure Chris Christie received from high profile Republicans to run for president in 2012. 

"We knew that Christie was courted [to run]," Balz said, but what we didn't know was "how much the pressure was and how great it was."

Balz reports that it got to a point where a meeting between Christie and Republican elites left the governor "as close to speechless as [he] ever is," and caused him to go "into serious exploration."

However, Christie ultimately never got to the point where he was "close to changing his mind."

Balz described the 2012 race as resulting in a "status quo election." He cited the two wildly different results of the 2008 and 2010 elections and said 2012 should have solved the question of: "What's the direction the country really wants to go?"

It did not, he concluded.

"The country still divided, the House still in Republican hands, the presidency still in Democratic hands, and red/blue America, red more red than ever and blue more blue than ever."

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