PRESS Pass: Leigh Gallagher

PRESS Pass: Leigh Gallagher 11:01

Author Leigh Gallagher's new book The End of the Suburbs explains the "seismic shift"of Americans' away from suburban living.

Among the many reasons Gallagher investigates in her book, she says part of the reason cities are on the rise again is people "want to live near somewhere that is lively, and has a sense of community and where they can walk somewhere."

"People want proximity. They want to be close to the things they need to do every day and to their jobs." she argues. "Instead of 'location, location, location,' it's 'access, access, access.'"

Gallagher went on to outline the potential grim prospects for suburbs in the future.

"You’ve seen them actually bulldozed... There are some experts in this arena who actually think that the far suburbs will become the next slums. And that even some of them will fall apart because the houses were built so quickly."

Watch the entire interview with Leigh Gallagher above and check out her new book The End of the Suburbshere. 

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