PRESS Pass: A Look Inside Amazon with Brad Stone

Press pass: Brad Stone 10:45

Brad Stone says that, in spite of all the doubters and questions, founder Jeff Bezos’ remarkable drive has made his website and company so successful.

“People didn’t believe in Amazon and Jeff Bezos for a long time,” the senior writer for Bloomberg Businessweek told David Gregory. “He was so convinced in the mission, of ‘the everything store’ – the title of the book – to have this kind of one-stop shopping experience for customers. Even today, when the company is successful and he’s extremely wealthy, he keeps pushing.”

Stone’s new book, The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon, provides an unprecedented look inside Amazon. The book examines the company’s growth from an online bookseller to “the everything store” that changed how consumers shop and read.

Stone also briefly discusses Bezos’ recent purchase of The Washington Post in the book. “If I’m a reporter at The Washington Post, I’m pretty optimistic right now that I have a boss that’s really willing to compete and to restore the original luster of that brand,” he said.

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