PRESS Pass: Richard Wolffe

PRESS Pass: Richard Wolffe 13:42

Executive Editor of Richard Wolffe thinks much of President Obama's problems at home over the Syrian crisis can be attributed to one thing: messaging.

"When you’re talking about foreign policy and the projection of military power thinking out loud," Wolffe said, "changing your positions does not send a clear message and there’s a lack of discipline right now."

Wolffe's new book The Message: The Reselling of President Obama looks at some of the challenges the president dealt with en route to re-election in 2012. 

Wolffe points to the "really dysfunctional group of people" that ran the president's campaign and how some of that has translated to missteps during President Obama's second term.

"You can understand why he trips up so quickly, he only just got reelected and yet so quickly people are talking about him losing focus, losing direction."

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