PRESS Pass: Where Are the Jobs?

PRESS Pass: Where are the jobs? 12:45

Financial policy experts John Dearie and Courtney Geduldig warn that the ongoing government shutdown harm businesses by creating an uncertain economic climate in an already fragile recovery.

"It’s tough to run a business even in the best of circumstances," said Dearie, "... so [the government shutdown] doesn't help. It’s a lot of additional uncertainty."

Geduldig and Dearie's new book, Where the Jobs Are, highlights some of the major issues that job creators are facing across America. One of the things they found is that most new jobs are coming from new businesses, rather than current businesses adding jobs.

"It’s not that big businesses are not creating jobs, they are creating jobs. But they are finding new ways to be efficient so they’re shedding jobs in certain areas and adding them in others and it really ends up being a break even point," Geduldig said.

Watch the entire PRESS Pass interview above to hear more about their new book and what they'd like to see out of Washington to make job creation easier around the country.