Programming notes

*** Monday’s “The Daily Rundown” line-up: Maine Senator Angus King (I-ME), member of the Bipartisan Budget Conference Committee, joins Chuck to discuss the budget and more, NBC’s Pete Williams is here with an update on a decision in a Utah court to ban polygamy and discuss what this means in future fights over alternative forms of relationships. Plus, our Monday gaggle: The Washington Post’s Dan Balz, USA Today’s Susan Page and POLITICO’s Manu Raju will discuss health care, budget negotiations and 2016.

*** Monday’s “MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts” line-up: MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts interviews Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) on gun control and the upcoming senate vote on the budget deal. MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry will join to discuss Sen. Mary Landrieu’s tough re-election fight. Shawn Gaylord with Human Rights First will talk about the Sochi Olympics and LGBT rights. The Boston Globe’s David Filipov will discuss the paper’s 8-page special investigation piece on the The House of Tsarnaev and what led up to the Boston Marathon bombings. Today’s Agenda Panel includes Think Progress’ Igor Volsky, Talking Points Memo’s Sahil Kapur, and Voto Latino’s Maria Teresa Kumar.

*** Monday’s “NOW with Alex Wagner” line-up: Alex Wagner’s guests include Slate’s Jacob Weisberg, liberal writer Michael Tomasky, The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel, and Robert Draper of the New York Times Magazine.

*** Monday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” line-up: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell interviews Sen. Mark Warner, Rep. Nita Lowey, MI State Sen. Gretchen Whitmer, Author Al From, the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza, the Cook Political Report's Amy Walter and NBC's Ron Mott. 

*** Monday’s “News Nation with Tamron Hall” line-up: MSNBC’s Tamron Hall interviews ex-Sen. Mo Cowan, investigative crime reporter Michele Sigona, Sirius XM’s Michael Smerconish, and Pastor Frank Schaefer, who’s making an announcement on his future after getting in trouble for officiating at his son's same-sex wedding.