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Off to the races: 'I thought we were friends'

Hillary Clinton continues to lead in hypothetical matchups for 2016. She leads in Virginia 45-40% over Chris Christie and Rand Paul 51-37%, according to Quinnipiac. Christie beats Vice President Biden 46-38%; Biden beats Paul 47-40%.

MASSACHUSETTS: Gov. Deval Patrick (D) says he won’t run for president in 2016.

NEW YORK: Christine Quinn’s on the front page of both the New York Post and New York Daily News because it took an ambulance so long to respond to help an intern who fainted at a press conference.

PENNSYLVANIA: “The biggest question in Pennsylvania politics right now isn't whether Gov. Tom Corbett will win re-election. It's whether he'll even get the chance,” National Journal writes. “Beset by legislative failures and bleak poll numbers, the Republican looks like the country's most vulnerable governor heading into the 2014 election. And Republicans are questioning whether they should let Corbett face a near-certain defeat when they could find a ready replacement with a much better chance of winning.”

VIRGINIA: Gov. Bob McDonnell’s approval rating has taken a tumble to a new low of 46-37%, according to Quinnipiac. He also now has just a 36/33% fav/unfav.

WYOMING: “Liz Cheney announced Tuesday she will run for Sen. Mike Enzi’s seat in the 2014 congressional election, setting the stage for a primary battle between two longstanding names in Wyoming politics,” the Casper Star-Tribune writes, adding, “The decision by Cheney to run not only thrusts her family name back into the spotlight five years after her father, Dick Cheney, left office as vice president, but it will create a primary in which Wyomingites will choose between the ranking Senator from Gillette or the daughter of the native son and vice president.”

More: “Cheney was born in Wisconsin and lived near Washington, D.C. She went to college in Colorado and law school in Illinois. She spent most of her career working as a lawyer in the nation’s capital, aside from a stint in the State Department while her father was in office. In a state known to be wary of outsiders, Cheney has espoused her Wyoming roots at dinners and other speaking events across the state. At an event in May, she told a crowd of female veterans a story about how her great-grandmother walked across Wyoming in bare feet during the days of the homesteaders in 1852 and how her grandmother was the first female deputy sheriff in Natrona County.”

Jessica Taylor: “Bitter GOP Senate primaries have become almost the norm in past elections, but Liz Cheney's challenge to Sen. Mike Enzi in next August's GOP contest doesn't fit recent molds.” She’s not running because of ideological purity (like Mike Lee) or because Enzi has lost touch with his home state (like Lugar was accused of.) “Instead, it's Cheney, who just moved back to Wyoming after decades in the D.C. suburbs, who's the most susceptible to carpetbagging charges over Enzi, 69, who still makes the cross country flight back to Wyoming most weekends.” No, “she’s touted she'd be part of a new generation of leaders, and told the Associated Press that experience wasn't necessary an asset.”

Here’s Cheney’s video, in which she wears a denim shirt in front of a field, and she takes aim at President Obama, claiming, “He’s working to preemptively disarm America.”

NBC’s Michael O’Brien: “Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill, Enzi said that Cheney had told him that she didn't intend to run if he decided to seek re-election.  ‘I thought we were friends,’ he said.”