Resources for those considering knee surgery

Knee replacement costs vary, but the parts are built to last 2:37

Last week "Nightly News" aired the first report in our three-part series about knee replacement in light of Brian Williams' knee operation. He is taking a hiatus from the show as he recovers, but we're happy to report the surgery went well and he's now resting comfortably.

Tonight we've posted some helpful links for those considering knee replacement.

The Health Care Blue Book is a free guide to help you find fair prices for surgery, hospital stays, doctor visits and more. helps potential patients understand the costs associated with surgery. 

And the AARP offers 8 key facts about knee surgery

For more information about the procedure and the recovery process, we invite you to replay our web chat with Dr. David Mayman at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Below, watch an extended interview with Dr. Russell Windsor: 

'Physical therapy is key' to recovery 2:01