Rivers of northern lights flow over Swedish lake

Ribbons of green-glowing auroral light ripple over Sweden's Lake Torneträsk in a view captured by Chad Blakley on Oct. 17. Look closely and you can make out the Big Dipper in northern skies. For more of Blakley's work, check out Lights Over Lapland on the Web or on Facebook. Chad Blakley / Lights Over Lapland

The natural rhythms of Earth and sky blend together in a time-lapse video of the northern lights flowing over Lake Torneträsk, Sweden's sixth-largest body of water.

"I was able to capture several thousand images of the northern lights dancing over the lake while the glow of the full moon illuminated the nearby mountain peaks," photographer Chad Blakley wrote in an email from Sweden's Abisko National Park. "I have spent countless nights out under the auroras, but there was something very special about listening to the waves gently crash along the shore as the lights played overhead. I think I have the best job in the world. ;-)"

Blakley's not alone: You'll find lots more pictures of the aurora, as seen in locales ranging from Finland to Wyoming to New Zealand, in's gallery. Want to find out where the aurora's visible tonight? Now that the government shutdown has ended, you're free once more to check the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Ovation aurora forecast website.

Chad Blakley shows off the auroral glow over Sweden's Abisko National Park. Chad Blakley

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