RNC looks to make changes to its 2016 primary calendar

First Read confirms that Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus is pushing ahead to make changes to the party's presidential primary calendar for 2016.

One proposal, first reported by CNN, is significantly punishing states that move up their nominating contests to (or before) the February window reserved for Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.

(In the 2012 cycle, Florida moved up its primary to Jan. 31, which forced Iowa and New Hampshire to move up theirs to early January.)

One idea under consideration is stripping rogue states to either nine delegates to the convention or one-third of its delegation -- which ever number is smaller.

Another RNC proposal is to hold the GOP's presidential convention in either late June or early July.

In 2012, the Republican Party held its convention in late August, which kept Mitt Romney from dipping into his general-election campaign funds earlier in the summer after coming close to exhausting his primary-election money. (A candidate cannot use general-election funds until he or she officially becomes the nominee.)

Votes on these proposed changes -- which first appeared in the RNC's post-election autopsy report -- would take place during either the RNC's winter or spring meetings, a party official tells NBC News.