Tell us your Obamacare stories: Could you keep your doctor?

A woman reads the insurance marketplace internet site in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 2. Karen Bleier / AFP - Getty Images

After a bumpy roll-out, the Obama administration has announced that the Affordable Care Act’s national website,, is now working 90 percent of the time. Between the state exchanges and the national site, about 200,000 Americans are now signed up for Obamacare.

If you’re one of those customers who have successfully enrolled in a new policy via the Obamacare websites, or if you’ve purchased a new Obamacare-compliant policy via an insurance broker, or even if you are still assessing your options, NBC News is interested in hearing about your experiences.

Specifically, for those Americans now buying individual or small group polices, are you able to keep your doctors and your hospital? Do your networks include access to your doctors, your local hospitals or the best hospital in your region?

Also, if you have a serious health condition, are you still able to access your doctor and specialists?

NBC News wants to hear from you. Submit your story via email by clicking on this address.

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