Turkish protesters clash with security forces outside conspiracy trial

A protester walks with a poster of Turkey's founder, Kemal Ataturk, toward a paramilitary police barricade in Silivri, Turkey, on Aug. 5. AP
Turkish riot police stand guard outside the court building during the "Ergenekon" trial in Silivri, near Istanbul on Aug 5. Turkey's former military chief, Ilker Basbug, who was sentenced to life in prison, was among the nearly 300 defendants who were on trial for conspiracy to overthrow the government. Tolga Bozoglu / EPA
Riot police use water cannon to disperse protesters as they try to march to a courthouse in Silivri on Aug. 5. Murad Sezer / Reuters
An Ergenekon prisoner being driven in a police vehicle holds a protestor's hand on Aug. 5 as police and gendarmerie block access to a courthouse in Silivri. Ozan Kose / AFP - Getty Images
Turkish protestors walk as smokes rises from fields after clashes with Turkish riot policemen in Silivri near Istanbul on Aug. 5. Bulent Kilic / AFP - Getty Images

As a Turkish court on Monday sentenced a former military commander to life in prison and dozens of others to long terms for conspiracy to overthrow the government, security forces fired tear gas at defendants' supporters in fields around the courthouse in the Silivri jail complex, west of Istanbul.

With main access roads shut and protesters' buses prevented from reaching the area, hundreds of the defendants' supporters attempted to cross fields to reach the court and prison complex, but police with riot shields blocked their advance.

Retired military chief of staff General Ilker Basbug was sentenced to life for his role in the "Ergenekon" conspiracy to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan. Read complete story.