Two more bodies pulled from Glasgow chopper crash site as police name 5 of dead

Helicopter wreckage lifted from Glasgow pub 1:33

Authorities in Scotland on Sunday pulled two more bodies from the pub in Glasgow where a police helicopter Friday night plummeted from the night sky and into the bustling bar, killing nine and injuring more than 30.

Police on Sunday also identified five of the victims who perished Friday night, and increased the death toll to nine. Three of the victims were crew members of Police Scotland's Air Support Unit and the fourth was a patron of the Clutha Vaults pub, authorities said.

The dead include pilot David Traill, 51, police constables Kirsty Nelis, 36, Tony Collins, 43, and local resident Gary Arthur, 48, they said. Another victim, Samuel McGhee, 56, was identified early Monday by police. 

Recovery efforts begin in Scotland pub accident 1:51

Witnesses said the helicopter dropped out of the sky and onto the roof of the pub on Stockwell Street ''like a stone'' around 10:30 p.m. local time Friday, sending dozens of panicked patrons fleeing into the streets.

Gordon Smart, editor of the Scottish Sun, was in a nearby building and watched the scene unfold. “It looked like the rotors weren't spinning but the helicopter was sort of turning in a strange position and dropping at great speed,” he told the BBC.

Neighbor Paul Dundas, 26, told the Associated Press that he heard a loud bang and looked out of his window to see a plume of dust rising above the pub. He then went to the street and encountered a "horrible scene."

"People were covered in blood and dust. Other people were dragging them away from the bar and trying to get them out," he said. "Everyone was in shock, but people were helping and asking strangers if they were OK. I saw a couple help each other clean up their faces.

Buckingham Palace issued a statement Saturday saying that Queen Elizabeth II sent her thoughts and prayers to the victims of the crash.

On Sunday, authorities continued to remove sections of the mangled helicopter from the pub, the BBC reported.

Approximately 12 of the 32 people injured in Friday's accident remained hospitalized Sunday, the BBC reported. Three people have been admitted to the intensive care unit and are described as in serious, but stable condition.

NBC News' Marian Smith and Elisha Fieldstadt contributed to this report.

Emergency services remove the rear rotor of a police helicopter as work to recover bodies from the Clutha Vaults pub in Stockwell Street in Glasgow, Scotland, continues December 1, 2013. EPA / Andrew Milligan