Two people killed after rock slide flattens Utah home

A massive rock slide in Utah killed two people on Thursday and completely destroyed their home, authorities said.

The slide occurred at about 4:45 p.m. in the town of Rockville on State Route 9, the main highway through Zion National Park, NBC station KSL in Salt Lake City reported.

The two people, who have not been identified pending the notification of family members, were killed when a boulder destroyed their home, Springdale Police Chief Kurt Wright told the station.

Rockville’s mayor, Dan McGuire, told The Salt Lake Tribune that dirt near the highway gave way and slide onto the house, carrying with it several large boulders.

“It just flattened out,” McGuire said of the house.

Multiple emergency agencies responded to the slide, but rescue efforts were suspended until morning because of dangerous conditions, Wright said.

A rock slide in 2002 crushed another Rockville home, but no one was killed.