Update to the Mystery of Bo Johnson and Brittany-Jane Royal

Brittany-Jane Royal and Boaz Johnson

In late August, we told you the story of Brittany-Jane Royal and her boyfriend Boaz Johnson. Brittany and Bo were buying land on Hawaii’s Big Island. She was pregnant with his baby. But then in late May, Brittany was found dead, floating in the waters off Hawaii’s Big Island. Her boyfriend Bo was nowhere to be found.

Since that post, signs have appeared on the on the Big Island saying Bo was a victim too and asking the killer to confess. blogger Tiffany Edwards Hunt shared this photo with Dateline.

Blogger Edwards Hunt also received an anonymous letter that said that Bo and Brittany were killed to send a message that Puna – the part of the Big Island where Bo and Brittany were living – isn’t for strangers, it’s for Hawaiians. 

Police tell Dateline they’re investigating all leads, but that these signs posted anonymously and the anonymous letter don’t change the focus of their investigation, which is still Boaz Johnson. Captain Robert Wagner with Hawaii PD on the Big Island says, “We believe Boaz Johnson is still alive.” He also says Johnson is probably no longer in Hawaii. 

Anyone with information on Boaz Johnson’s whereabouts should contact Detective Robert Almeida at 808-961-2386 or, Detective Fetuutuunai Amuimuia at 808-961-2278 or, or Lieutenant Gregory Esteban at 808-961-2252 or

Anonymous letter to blogger Tiffany Edwards Hunt.