At what age do women start worrying about aging?

Does aging start right before the clock turns 30? One British retailer found that the women they surveyed began worrying over their appearance at age 29. Getty Images stock

When do we start getting worry wrinkles over … wrinkles?

According to 2,000 women surveyed by British beauty and health retailer Superdrug, most women’s aging concerns start at age 29. These ladies' chief worries – in order – were wrinkles, sagging faces, sagging breasts, facial hair and going gray.

Granted, this study, originally printed in the UK Daily Mail, wasn't conducted by a top university or professional pollster, but rather by a skincare and beauty seller, which means you should probably take it with a grain of salt. Still, it does bring up the issue of when women start to feel the pressure to hold onto their youth. (My guess? Sometime after seeing Christie Brinkley skinny dipping in “National Lampoon’s Vacation.”)

Superdrag’s findings go on to state that the average woman spends 12 minutes a day applying creams and makeup, which totals about 73 hours – or three days – a year. That actually doesn't sound terribly unreasonable, if you compare it to how much time folks spend watching television, and let’s at least hope that some of those minutes go towards applying sunscreen.

Furthermore, one in 10 women felt they look older than they actually are by six years, but that six in 10 felt they looked younger, due in part to their skincare and makeup rituals. (Hooray for makeup?) It reminds me of "Avatar" actress Zoe Saldana, who once quipped "I love aging. Why would I want to be 21 for the rest of my life?" That's a relatively unique take on nature's toll, but I'm sure if you asked most folks stressing over wrinkles, they'd sooner take the Dorian Gray route.

Part of me is saddened to think that women start fretting at such a young age (not that I’m exempt: I’m 30, and my bathroom is basically a miniature Sephora replica), but a bit relieved to think that more than half of these women are feeling younger, and overall more confident in their appearance. They should, makeup or no makeup. 

But can you imagine if they polled men on this topic?

Do you agree with Superdrug's findings? Did you start worrying about aging at a certain time in your life? Share your thoughts!

Rina Raphael is a senior editor at TODAY who has mastered the fine art of applying eye makeup at her work desk – in under 4 minutes.

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