You better not touch my kid again’: Kansas City parent pummels grade-school teacher

A Kansas City mother punched her child’s elementary school teacher in the face five to 10 times Thursday after the parent alleged that the teacher had scratched her son earlier that day.

Simone Baker, 24, allegedly punched the Hickman Mills School District teacher before grabbing her hair and slamming her face into a nearby filing cabinet, according to a police obtained by NBC affiliate KSHB.

The altercation began when Baker got into an argument with Truman Elementary School teacher Phyllis White.

Baker reportedly approached White wanting to talk to her about what her son stated his teacher did to him in class earlier that day.

Police say when White and school Principal Rhonda Gavel told Baker she needed to come back the next day if she wanted to discuss the incident, Baker ran out of the office and down to White’s classroom and yelled, “You better not touch my kid again.”

After the incident, Baker reportedly fled the building on foot.

Truman Elementary School parent Ryan Perry sympathized with a "protective parent."

"This is your child," Perry told KSHB. "If you aren't going to protect them, who is?"

Sherrell Kennedy has a kindergartner in the school but with a different teacher. She was shocked to hear about the attack.

“No words. No words. Who would do that?” Kennedy told the station. “I love my kids to death but you have to take yourself out of the situation and act like an adult.”

Baker has been cited for inflicting bodily injury and is expected to be in court next month. She was reportedly not home when police arrived to deliver the summons.