Your parting shots from the Perseid meteor shower

Astrophotographer Randy Halverson captured this shot of a Perseid meteor streak against the backdrop of the Milky Way in Wyoming's Red Desert. For more of Halverson's work, check out and the DakotaLapse Facebook page. Randy Halverson

The Perseid meteor shower may have faded from its annual peak, but there's an afterglow of enthusiasm over this year's display — as evidenced by the pictures you've sent in over the past few days. Astrophotographer Randy Halverson shared this stunner from Sunday, and you'll find several more below. There's lots more to look forward to in the night sky, including planetary sightings, space station flyovers, and still more meteor showers. Mark your calendar for the Draconids and Orionids in October, the Taurids and Leonids in November, and the Geminids in December. There'll also be a bit of drama over how big Comet ISON will get in late November, so stay tuned!

Editor's note: Photos have been provided by readers and have not been verified by NBC News. Click the images to see larger versions.

More views of 2013's Perseids:

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